How to Make a Basic Cup of Instant Coffee

Here’s the directions on making a basic cup of instant coffee. This is what you’d make if you’re just looking for a caffeine fix. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just to get the job done.

make basic instant coffee


Hot Choclate + Instant Coffee = Poor Man’s Mocha

Here’s a quick and easy receipe for a tasty concoction I like to call the Poor Man’s Mocha. My manager actually told me about this. I just stole the recipe and gave it a name :P.

hot chocolate + coffee = poor man's mocha


How to Make Instant Coffee – Indian Style

I mentioned this elsewhere on my site but I work in an office with a large number of Indians. I’ve learned a lot about Indian food and culture through them. Chicken 65 is delicious! My co-workers also have an awesome way of preparing instant coffee.

Here’s a great video on Youtube on how to prepare instant coffee Indian style, which is similar to how they do it at work.



Free Nescafe Peppermint Mocha Sample, BOGO Free Offer and coupons

Nescafe is giving away free samples of their Taster’s Choice Peppermint Mocha flavored single serve instant coffee packets.

tasters choice bogo coupon


Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee Overview

tasters choice decaftasters choice mug

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee might be classified as instant coffee but it’s so much more than that. It’s probably the closest thing to freshly brewed coffee. Even baristas at high-end coffee shops agree it’s hard to tell the difference between Taster’s Choice and the real deal. In fact, at some restaurants instead of brewing fresh coffee they secretly serve Taster’s Choice. Their customers don’t know the difference and I’m not telling.